Harry Potter RPG Write Up

Brimstone & Broomsticks Campaign

This is the write-up for my current D&D 5th Edition Harry Potter Homebrew RPG. You can read more about how I have adapted 5E here.


Illustration of the players' characters as Hogwarts students
Isodora, Amelia, Katie & Alfonz
  • Isodora Badger, a Gryffindor with aspirations to be a Potions Master
  • Amelia Blackwood, a Gryffindor with aspirations to be a Professional Quidditch Player
  • Katie Hewitt, a Hufflepuff with aspirations to be a Magizoologist
  • Alfonz, a Ravenclaw with aspirations to be a Healer

Year 1 – December 1989

On the 21st December, four first year students found themselves in the Great Hall. For different reasons, none of them had returned to their families but instead were spending the holidays at Hogwarts.

Suddenly, Filch came running in to announce that someone has stolen the mandrakes from the greenhouses out in the gardens of Hogwarts. McGonagall looked disturbed as Filch informed the deputy headmistress that Professor Sprout couldn’t be found.

Deciding to investigate for themselves, the students battled past a scarecrow to find that Greenhouse Three was in disarray, with pots, benches and gardening equipment strewn around. A smashed pane showed an obvious point of entry, with a strange fine yellow dust nearby along with one of Professor Sprount’s boots. Muddy footprints led out through the window.

Returning to the Great Hall to report what they had found, they were given detention for being out of class and spent a couple of hours in the Potions classroom scrubbing cauldrons and cleaning vials. Arguing with Professor Snape as to the injustice of the detention caused him to deduct 20 points from Hufflepuff and 10 from Ravenclaw. A little while later an alarm sounded from the far door and Snape raced into his room leaving the students alone. Alfonz searched through the classroom shelves and found a Petrification Restorative Draught which he gave to Isadora.

After the end of detention, the group slipped out through the broken pane in Greenhouse Three and head out towards Hagrid’s Hut. The hut was empty with no sign of the groundskeeper or any of his menagerie. The footprints continued past the hut and into the Forbidden Forest.

After a brief discussion, the students followed the trail. They were stopped some way into the Forest by Magorian, the leader of the centaurs, who warned them not be there as the earth itself was being corrupted and changed. He informed them that he had heard the cry of mandrakes but had not seen the Professor. Deciding to press forward, the group were attacked by three acromantulas, which they eventually dispatched.

Following Magorian’s directions, they found the site of the mandrakes had been murdered and encountered a hooded figure leaning over the stupified body of Professor Sprout. The figure was wearing an evil, golden coloured Death Eater mask. It sprinkled some gold dust on the floor and summoned an earth elemental and two mud sprites to keep the group occupied while it Apparated away. Hagrid joins the students shortly after, informing them that he had been battling a second Death Eater, who had also escaped.

The group return Professor Sprout to the safety of the castle. In gratitude, she gives them Dragon Hide Gloves. The students enjoy a hearty Yule Feast and the rest of their First Year with little other excitement. Slytherin went on to win the House Cup and Gryffindor won the Quidditch tournament.

Year Two – Autumn 1990

The students have returned to Hogwarts and although they were excited to back amongst their housemates, they felt that their adventures over the Yule holiday the previous year had bonded them as a group of friends.

They had received 35 Sickles in pocket money, which was spent on various mail order items from Honeydukes, Flourish & Botts and Zonkos. Even though they are allowed to own their own broomsticks, only Amelia has one. Katie has an owl pet called Merlin.

The Daily Prophet continued to report on strange goings on – disappearances of witches and wizard, attempted break-ins at the Ministry of Magic and raids on some of the old wizarding family homes. Their parents whisper about of He Who Cannot Be Named when they think the children are out of earshot.

Professor Sprout seems to have recovered from her ordeal, and although she has looked kindly on the students since that night in the Forbidden Forest, she won’t discuss the events further.

Around six weeks into the Autumn Term, the Quidditch Tournament starts with Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor. The group are excited as Amelia is playing in her first match as Seeker.

The match gets underway – Gryffindor are definitely the favourite but the crowd expects that Hufflepuff will work hard to stop them. Suddenly the air fills with a thunderous, unnatural storm. Sleet and high winds buffet the players and Amelia has to fight to stay on her broomstick. The students can barely make out the whistle and magically amplified voice of Professor Hooch, instructing them to seek cover. Suddenly three ice sprites start attacking the Quidditch players, and the group brave the storm to help Amelia from the stands. Once the sprites are defeated, the storm dissipates.

Isadora, Katie and Alfonz make their way down to the Quidditch Changing Rooms to check that Amelia is alright. As they leave, they see three Slytherins – Crestfellow, Froggfoot and Vembulom – slip out the back carrying a bulging sack that occasionally seems to move. They go to follow but are stopped by the two harpies that appear to be providing cover for the Slytherins. A search of the Quidditch storage cupboard shows that all the Snitches that are usually stored there have disappeared. They group also open a large chest at the back of the cupboard, within which they find a Bag of Holding.

The students decide to head back to the castle but are attacked by a Giant Spider and a Swarm of Spiders.

The next day they head to their Runes class who sets them a riddle using runes which they solve. They are travelling along one of the corridors, after the class, when they hear a whisper asking for help. An older Hogwarts student, a boy is hiding behind the door and appears to be naked. In the room there is a red-faced girl trying to cover herself with a dust sheet. The Sixth year explains that Nargles have taken their clothes and hidden them at the top of the rafters. After helping the amorous couple, the group leave giggling and head to Potions Class.

Potions class comprises of the chopping of various herbs, such as gillyweed, while Snape is working on his own brewing. An sly investigation of Snape’s personal potions cabinet shows a Petrification Restorative Draught in a vial with a black seal on it.

The next couple of days pass without incident. The students are leaving in their respective common rooms after dinner and as they had arranged to meeting the Library. Suddenly a klaxon sounds and McGongall’s voice, magically amplified, is heard throughout the castle asking all teachers to head to the Great Hall.

Upon arriving at the library they discover two robed and masked Death Eaters, one of whom is wearing a gold mask, who appear to be ransacking it, looking for something. One of the figures conjures four shadows to intercept the students. The students defeat the four shadows and one of the Death Eater. The other Death Eater flees. Investigating the Library further they discover that the blueprints for the Ministry of Magic are missing and the Floo network plans appear to have been copied. They find a black sealed vial, a broken wing of a snitch, and some crystal lens, Eyes of Minute Seeing.


Bag of Holding – This bag has an interior space considerably larger than its outside dimensions. The bag can hold up to 500lbs, not exceeding a volume of 64 cubic feet. Retrieving an item from the bag requires an action. [Katie]

Dragon Hide Gloves – These gloves are very supply and will protect the wearer’s hands from extreme heat and fire, offering +10 resistance to both. They also have a resistance of +4 to all forms of acid and +1 AC. [Amelia]

Eyes of Minute Seeing – These crystal lens fit over your eyes and while wearing them, you can see much better than normal out to a range of 1 foot. You have advantage on Investigation checks that rely on site while searching an area or studying an object within that range. [Alfonz]


Petrification Restorative Draught x 1 [Isodora]

Harry Potter D&D 5E Campaign Writeup
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Harry Potter D&D 5E Campaign Writeup
This is my homebrew Harry Potter D&D 5E Campaign, set three years before the books. A group of four Hogwarts students are battling the rising forces of He Who Cannot Be Named.
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