Tales from Creepy Hollow

Tales from Creepy Hollow is my first attempt at a one-shot, homebrew adventure. It is based on a Halloween theme and is intended to play heavily on such tropes and not be taken too seriously.

First time writing homebrew

This is my first time constructing any type of homemade adventure. The inspiration for it is mainly to have a group a friends over on Halloween weekend and have some fun and to give us a break from our current campaign, Storm King’s Thunder. Also, we are looking to extend our usual core players to encompass a wider set of (newbie) friends.

At present, I am looking for it to be a Level 5 party of between 5 to 9 players, taking between 7 to 8 hours to complete.

Adventure Introduction for Takes of Creepy Hollow

No-one ever plans to visit Creepy Hollow. Ever.

They find themselves there through misfortune, poor judgement or just downright bad luck.

Creepy Hollow is sunken into a valley between Hardtown to the west, Misty Marches to the south and the chasm of DeadMan’s Pass to the east. The steep, barren Shadow Spine Mountains loom imperiously over the settlement, causing sharp, ill-fated winds to rattle down into the valley. Foul tainted mists roll in from the nearby lake, casting a ghostly pallor over the town.

Very few travellers make it out of Creepy Hollow and those that do struggle to cling to tatters of their sanity. They babble on about ghostly horsemen, ageless aristocrats with no reflections, folk that change into monsters and eyes that follow them in the dark.

You can view the rest of the Adventure Introduction here.

The next interesting exercise will be to design the overall story arc and the encounters. I see some heavy reading of the Dungeon Master’s Guide in my near future!

Town map

This map is still under development. You can view progress on my Instagram feed. At present, I have only converted a sketch into inked lines. The next stage is to add textures and colour to it.

A handdrawn map of a small town surrounded by forests
Creepy Hollow Town Map – inked lines only

A huge thanks goes out to fantasticmaps.com, whose tutorials are invaluable. Also, for someone so talented the author is very supportive of those of us blundering around.


Styled using the excellent homebrewery
Map tutorials by FantasticMaps