Tales from the Yawning Portal

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This page contains spoilers for the Tales of the Yawning Portal.Β  Read on at your own risk.

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  • Hjalmar Hjalmarson, a Water Genasi Cleric of the Grave
  • Lord Yoromire Von Drazhan, an Aasimar Fighter
  • Rachin, a Human Rogue
  • Yesvelda, an aging Half-Orc Barbarian

Campaign Background

The campaign book is a series of dungeon crawls with no plot to link them together.Β  I am crafting a loose storyline around Black Dragon Cultists, set in FaerΓ»n, to link the different dungeons together.


Whilst in Neverwinter, trying to find your fortunes or escape from whatever you were running from, you found yourself in a less than salubrious tavern, called The Misty Fiddler.

A grizzled dwarf by the name of Eberk, planted himself down at your table without so much as a by your leave. He didn’t say much at first but became more garrolous once he was in his cups. As green adventures hungry for glory, you enjoyed his recounting of his adventures – even as you dodged the ale foam that collected in his whiskers.

Late into the night he told you of a rumour about a once-proud fortress, near the village of Thundertree, built by the members of a fierce dragon cult. Legend says that there is a tree underground that grows the most beautiful fruit. Surely it would have to be magical to grow under a fortress !

Having spent a week in Neverwinter trying to find adventuring work your gold was starting to run out. You guess that no-one wanted to hire such an untested group of novices.

Determined to make a name for yourselves you decide late one night, after a few drinks, to investigate the rumours Eberk told you and you set out for Thundertree.

The first frosts of the year are now wll established, which makes the early and late hours of the day cold. In fact, you are only a few weeks away from the Winter Solstice. Camping by the roadside and sleeping on the ground is less than enjoyable and you are looking forward to the comfort of an inn.

The rain is pouring down when you make your way into Thundertree, so you don’t get a great look at the village. You can make out what looks to be a Village Hall, a Store, and a Shrine. A dim orange glow from a nearby building makes you suspect that might be a Forge. The path underfoot is muddy and cold and the wind rips at your cloaks. The welcome site of a modest Inn comes into view, the cracked wooden sign squeaks in the wind showing what looks to be a crude sketch of a wild boar.

The Sunless Citadel

Session 1

The party arrived at Thundertree, and headed straight to the inn where they heard about a murdered farmhand and some missing adventurers – Talgen Hucrele (a fighter), Sharwyn Hucrele (a wizard), Sir Braford (a Paladin of Pelor) and Karakas (a ranger).

Hjalmar and Yoromire went to the General Store and picked up some equipment including rations, a grappling hook and a dozen apple honeycakes. Thus armed, the headed out on The Old Road and down into The Sunless Citadel.

The party explored the southern parts of the first level and found a hall with a ten-foot tall sculpture of a coiled dragon. They then ventured further north and came across a poor wretch of a kobold called Meepo, who was covered in scares. After threatening Meepo with imminent death, he took them to meet the leader of the kobold clan, Yusdrayl. She promised to help them if they dealt with the goblins who had overrun the areas to the north.

Session 2

Meepo explained that he was looking for the clan’s missing dragon, Calcyrx.

The party started exploring further into The Citadel, taking Meepo with them. Yoromire triggered a particularly naste scythe trap, which Hjalmar dismantled and then took the scythe. They found a room with a dry fountain with draconic runes scratched into it and similiar runes over an archway.

Session 3

Within the area that the goblins had taken over, the party discovered Erky Timbers, an gnomish acolyte who was captured by the goblins while on the Old Road. He tells the group that there is a wicked old human called Belak tending to an enchanted garden in the Twilight Grove beneath the citadel.

Also he had seen 3 of the missing adventurers over a month ago, who were also captives of the goblins. The party find Karakas’ signet ring after defeating Mama Rat.

The party continued to clear out the goblin infested areas, reluctantly saving 3 kobold prisoners in the goblin stockade. From there they head towards Goblinville. They let the goblin commoners escape and take down the chief of the Durbuluk tribe, Durnn and his henchmen – hobgoblins and shaman. They find Talgren’s signet ring on Durnn’s finger. After attuning to Nightcaller, Hjalmar re-animates Durnn.

Session 4

The party find Calcryx, a black dragon wyrmling, who unfortunately one-shots poor Meepo. After dispatching the wyrmling, the party returns to the southern area. They find a sealed scroll case of carved bone with an inscription – which Erky tells them spells out Khundrukar. There is an old parchment within the case which is mostly destroyed but what can be deciphered is”

….the remaining few. By order of Durgeddin the Black, we have created a secret dwarven redoubt. None shall find us; however…”

The party retrace their earlier steps, solve riddle to the dragon statue and the defeat an undead troll dragonpriest.

Session 5

The party head down the circular shaft in the Hall of The Goblin King into the Twilight Grove beneath. They fight their way through chambers and arboretums until they find The Gulthias Tree. Belak the Outcast is tending to the tree, alongside Sir Braford and Sharwyn Hucrele who are in thrall to it. They defeat Belak and slay Braford and Hucrele.

The Library of the Lands

Session 6

After returning to claim their rewards in Thundertree, Garon the barkeeper overhears the group discussing Khundrukar and suggests that they head to the Library of Lands in Neverwinter to see what they can find.

Outside the Library of the Lands, Yoromire is intercepted by a red-haired woman in black cloak, who gives him a leather pouch along with the words:

The Roc is in the roost.

Inside the Library of Lands, the adventurers discover that the Registrar has been murdered and Hjalmar uses the corpse to raise a zombie, whom he names Rufus. In his robe, they find an index volume labelled “Q-R”. Now armed with an idea as to what these books look like, they are able to locate the volume for Khundrukar which informs them of B3.S2.V16.

Heading up to the library floor, they battle Black Dragon Cultists, who have black dragon teeth tattoos on their left wrists. Racin believes must be worshippers of Nightscale.

On the top floor of the library, they encounter a Black Dragon Fanatic, his Acolytes and some Cultists.

After defeating them, they find Baron Alton – a noble of Neverwinter and self-styled adventurer, who had been captured while researching the location of a legendary cache of weapons made by Durgeddin the Black. He believes that the weapons can be found in the final resting place of the Stonehammer Clan of shield dwarves. He believes that the cultists were also looking for the same information.

The party locate the 16th volume on the 3rd bookshelf, 2nd shelf on the floor below.

The Forge of Fury

Session 7

Racin and Hjalmar have found a suitable watering hole, while Yoromire the Renowned has retired to his town residence. In the inn, they interview Yevelda, an elderly half-orc waitress and after assessment by Hjalmar they recruit her into the party – they think her skills in knitting will be a great attribute to the team as will her greataxe walking stick.

Meanwhile, Yoromire has received a message from Baron Alton which includes a sketch of a broken blade bearing a smith’s mark. Alton informs Yoromire that the merchant he purchased this off had found it near Stone Tooth and that he will pay richly for each blade that the adventurers recover. In addition, he will page 20gp each for bringing back information and an additional 100gp for any detailed maps provided.

The legend of Durgeddin is that he was a master smith who forged quality blades of power. After his home was sacked by orcs, he led what was left of his clan into the mountains and established a stronghold. He then waged a decades long war against the orcs until they discovered his fortress and attacked it after a long siege. Durgeddin and his kin perished and much of their treasure was looted. However it is said that the deepest and best-hidden vaults and armories escaped the looting.

Racin, Hjalmar and Yevelda arrive at Yoromire’s the next morning and are greeted by his butler, Jeeves. After some rather torturous cartography, and suddenly remembrance of the volume taken from the Library of Lands, the adventures ascertain that Stone Tooth must be near Blasingdell. Blasingdell is around a twenty day journey north to the edge of Lurkwood, up near The Spine of the World.

The journey to the outpost mining town of Blasingdell was pretty uneventful and the band arrive late afternoon. After arranging a month’s board in The Griffon’s Nest, courtesy of Sarel Bankdown, they are introduced to the mayor, Sir Miles Berrick. The mayor is pretty open until they ask him about Stone Tooth, after which is promptly informs them that they should speak to the Town Watch.

The Town Watch is run by Sergeant Grendar Kuln and Constable Dara Whitewood. After Yevelda gently interrogated a captured orc, the party discovered that Stone Tooth was 3 days north of Blesingdel and is currently home to the Great Ulfe Tribe of orcs. The sergeant offered the party 25gp for every dead orc head they bring back.

The adventures set off for The Stone Tooth and on the third day of travel found a narrow track running up the forested hillside. After following this, Racin found two orcs in conversation, the party engaged these and Hjalmar raised the first downed one and called him Rufus the Second. After a javelin assault from above, they ran for cover into the mountain complex only to find a rather dangerous looking rope bridge spanning a deep crevasse. Between them that managed to dispatch the 2 orcs and the drake guard on the other side and they all managed to get across.

Dead Orc heads: 2

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