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I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching and learning more about D&D as I’ve prepped for my two campaigns, Lost Mine of Phandelver and Storm King’s Thunder. This is my master list of D&D resource including templates, tools, podcasts, apps and reference materials. I hope it is of help and value to others.

If you want to learn what I specifically use when running a session, please have a look at my D&D Tools page.



5th Edition Spellbook – Android
Syrinscape (MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows)


RPG Artwork – purchase for your homebrew


The Angry GM
The Lazy DM by Sly Flourish

Build guides

Class build guides


Character Tent Cards (editable PDF)
Form fillable spell cards (SRD)
Paul Webbers’s Condition Cards
Paul Webbers’s Equipment Cards
Paul Webbers’s Inspirations and Initiative Cards
Paul Webbers’s Spell Slot Cards
Paul Webbers’s Treasure Cards
Spell Cards (SRD)


Ability scores described in real world terms
Choosing a class
Class, background and race tables – D&D resource book reference pages listed in one place


The Tangled Web – online pen and paper gaming

Dungeon Mastering

Dungeon Master Toolkit list – by /u/MadDogOzie on reddit
First time DM tips you wish you’d known
The Complete Hippo – master list of posts on /r/DMAcademy of /u/famoushippopotamus


Fantasy name generator
Kobold Fight Club – helps you size encounters for your party size *RECOMMENDED*
Potions Generator
Random Encounter Generator
Random Generator Excel Sheet
Random NPC Generator
Random Treasure Generator
Store and Inventory Generator


NB: Homebrew is not official D&D content but is created by players
Creating “jobs” for players
D&D fonts
Homebrewery – Style your homebrew like an official guide *RECOMMENDED*
Obsidian Portal – tool to organise your storyline
RPG Artwork – purchase for your homebrew
/r/UnearthedArcana/ – Reddit’s catalogue of homebrew


BogieDJ (deviantart)
Dundjinni – map making software
Mike Schley – has LMOP and other D&D Official Campaign maps with DM notes hidden *RECOMMENDED*
Miska Fredman
RPG Map Share Gallery
The Cartographer’s Guild
The Mad Mapper
The Red Epic – Big Cartel
RPG Virtual Tabletop Maps


Acquisitions Incorporated
Dungeon Master’s Handbook
Glass Cannon (Paizo not D&D)
The Adventure Zone


/r/DMAcademy/ – an excellent resource for newbie DMs *RECOMMENDED*
/r/dndnext/ – 5th Edition D&D
/r/UnearthedArcana/ – catalogue of homebrew


d20 SRD Reference
Forgotten Realms wikia
TexasXtreme’s 5E SRD
The Grimoire – a spell reference site


Ambient Soundscapes by Brian Davis (Spotify)
BrunuhVille (YouTube)
DnD Tweehek playlists (YouTube)
RPG Ambient Mixer
Syrinscape (MacOS, iOS, Android, Desktop)
Tabletop Audio
Two Steps From Hell (YouTube)


Downloadable Play Tiles
Downloadable Terrain
Dungeon Tiles
Gaming Paper




How to make custom pawns (Pathfinder)
I heart print and play – Comic book style tokens
Making miniatures using Token Tool
One Monk miniatures
Printable Heroes
ZenSeeker Paper Miniatures

Twitch Streams



My “D&D Royalty” list

YouTube Channels

Critical Role – Campaign 1
Critical Role – GM Tips
Geek and Sundry
Matt Colville – Running the Game playlist

YouTube Videos

Guide to getting started by WebDM
Learn to Play D&D for Absolute Beginners by Tabletop Terrors
New Characters by Web DM
New DMs: Campaigns, House Rules, Modules vs Homebrew by WebDM
New DM Tips: Session 0, First Campaign, Burnout and Focusing on Fun by WebDM

My Master Resource List - The New Dungeon Master
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My Master Resource List - The New Dungeon Master
I've spent quite a bit time researching and learning more about D&D. This is my master list of D&D resources including templates, tools, podcasts, apps and reference materials.
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