Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 3

This post contains spoilers for the D&D Starter Campaign, The Lost Mine of Phandelver.

A human male, a dwarf cleric, a halfling rogue, a high elf wizard and a human female warrior
Our Lost Mine of Phandelver group of adventurers

Session 3: 20 January 2018

In the previous session, we had left Narcoleptics Incorporated camped for the night, where Daemarr had seen ghouls emerging out of the undergrowth and cast Light in order to aid his human companions. Unfortunately, the first object he touched was Gandalf, the mage’s horse…

The band of adventurers dispatched the ghouls and sat down to a breakfast of burnt fish, courtesy of Earnest. It was only polite that no-one mentioned the after-effects of the ghouls’ paralysing poison on Salazar as she chewed her way through the meal. Refreshed, the group headed back out onto the road with Quarion secretly enjoying the few remaining spell sparkles glittering in Gandalf’s mane in the early morning sunshine.

The group seemed to be going through a rather a series of cursed mealtimes, as lunch was rudely interupted by a rampaging owlbear. Quarion finally managed to get one of his higher level of spells to land and after slaughtering the owlbear decided to leave its dejected corpse stuck in the web stretching between the trees as a warning to all non-sentient woodland life that might pass that way in the future.


With a stroke of the luck, and after some dithering around outside of a dome of woven branches, Narcoleptics Incorporated spoke to the banshee, Agatha in exchange for the silver comb. She told them that she had traded the book to a necromancer a hundred years before – much to Quarion’s disgust.

Feeling in an pro-active mood, the group started ticking off the list of ‘to-do’s’ that the lazy inhabitants of Phandalin had given them over the last few weeks.

Old Owl Well

They headed off to Old Owl Well, where they contemplated having a rest in a deserted yet jauntily decorated tent. Thinking better of it, they decided to investigate a ruined watch tower and were suddenly surrounded by 12 zombies. The battle turned in their favour when Daemarr had some divine inspiration and vaguely remembered something about his ability to Turn Undead – which was just as well, as Kosef had managed to lodge his great axe into the wall and was thinking that the javelins were not a viable Plan B. Eventually Narcoleptics Incorporated managed to slay the zombies and stamp the remaining re-animated limbs into dust. Just as they were brushing themselves down, a dubious mage by the name Kost appeared. For someone who routinely lived so close to so many undead, he seemed disproportionately disturbed about the orcs to the south.

Wyvern Tor

Trudging back up more hills, the group headed south to deal with the terrible orcs that lived in a cave in a large hillside. Showing once more a rare caution not usually seen, the discussed something almost approaching a strategy. It involved some boulder jumping, another dose of PTSD for Earnest and Solar had a near miss with a Ray of Frost that made the ends of his hair turn white. Due mostly in part to Salazar’s skill with a longbow, they dispatched the orcs and an ogre with little trouble. Perhaps, they reflected, that there was something in this strategy-milarky.

There, at the back of the cave, almost unnoticed in the gloom, was the skeleton of a poor, hapless barbarian rotting away to dust.

Buoyed up by their success they headed back to Old Owl Well to inform Kost of their triumph. He wasn’t in his tent but strange chanting could be heard from the ruined watch tower and they wisely decided to carry on their way back towards Phandalin.

They rested for the evening and Earnest shakily made a hearty nut soup to restore their energy and soothe their nerves. Kosef thought that the positive side of the ensuing nighttime attack by a pack of wolves, was the prospect of burnt wolf sausages for breakfast.


After updating the denizens of Phandalin as to their victories, Narcoleptics Incorporated decided to invest in some transport. Daemarr named his black pony, Felix and Salazar named her’s Seth. Solar felt inspired to name his mule, Stumpy and Kosef finally conceded to buying a pack mule for the decidedly pale looking Earnest. And most importantly, Barthen was relieved to have his cart and oxen returned but felt he couldn’t say anything about the arrow holes or singe marks he didn’t remember it having before.

Feeling like a proper band of heroes, the group headed out to Cragmaw Castle to see if they could finally save Gundren.

Cragmaw Castle

The band stormed up the front of the keep and for lack of a better plan, headed left into the castle. They managed to grapple one of the goblin sentries, knock him unconcious and tie him up. Whilst rooting through some old sacks and kegs the found a long sword that matched the description Sildar had given them and duly pocketed it. Kosef displayed an unusual gentlemanly manners and let Daemarr go through the door in the hallway and by strange coincidence, straight into a hidden trap.

Finding themselves in a dark hall, they finally realised that this was a defiled temple room to Oghma. Feeling horrified, Quarion cleared all the trappings of Maglubiyet from the altar and begin to reconsecreate it. Part way through the ritual he remembered that he would have to rename the altar, praying for inspiration he uttered in a powerful and booming voice that this would henceforth be known as “Oghma Altar”.

Narcoleptics Incorporated battled through the castle and finally encountered a room with a bugbear, a wolf, a female drow and an unconcious, (suddenly) naked dwarf. In the ensuing melee, they slew their enemies, rescued Gundren and found where King Grol had hidden his map to Wave Echo Cave. The dwarf offered his thanks and asked them to take him back to Phandalin. Again, there appeared to a time distortion which left Gundren more than a little confused, and wondering if he had some kind of sleeping sickness.

Being slightly worse for waear, they healed up at “Oghma Altar” and decide to rest for the night in the room with the still unconcious goblin. As they settled in, Kosef sent Earnest in the dark, past all the corpses of goblins, hobgoblins and a grick to use the braziers in the banquet hall to cook them some dinner. Deep down, His Lordship believes that all Earnest needs is more exposure to blood and gore to help him through his re-occuring nightmares.

In the morning, they headed back to the township with Gundren in tow, and clothed.

So we leave them resting in Phandalin, having reluctantly handed Sildar back his sword – with some well deserved ale and only one thing left on their proverbial to-do list – Wave Echo Cave.

Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 3
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Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 3
Write up of our third The Lost Mine of Phandelver session. Contains: Spoilers ! We had left them camped for the night, where Daemarr had seen ghouls emerging out of the undergrowth and cast Light in order to aid his human companions. Unfortunately, the first object he touched was Gandalf, the mage’s horse…
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