Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 2

This post contains spoilers for the D&D Starter Campaign, The Lost Mine of Phandelver.

A human male, a dwarf cleric, a halfling rogue, a high elf wizard and a human female warrior
Our Lost Mine of Phandelver group of adventurers

Session 2: 7 October 2017

In the previous session, we had left the intrepid adventurers in a cave with a waterfall and twin pools…

Narcoleptics Incorporated battled valiantly through Cragmaw hideout and defeated Klarg, the bugbear – with the aid of Quarion’s ever un-realiable crossbow and an unconcious rogue halfling. After a moral debate on whether to feed the dead goblin corpses to the poor feral wolves, the band of adventurers headed back to Phandalin.


Solar’s near brush with death put into perspective the fact that he had been neglecting his family duties (a recurring theme for the group), so the adventurers headed off to see his aunt, Qelline Alderleaf. After a scolding, she suggested that they find Reidoth the druid to help them in their search for Daemarr’s cousin – to which the cleric just shrugged.

After leaving the idyllic farm, there was a lively, informed and erudite discussion of the merits of heading to Thundertree versus Conyberry. After both sides had exhausted their arguments, the adventurers set out for Neverwinter – in their ‘borrowed’ wagon.

Surviving both a hobgoblin and ogre attack on the road, they limped into the capital city of the Sword Coast. New armor and weapons were purchased and with much relief, they were able to palm off the rather ugly frog statue they had found in Klarg’s possession.

After a slight miscommunication concerning the matter of oars versus whores – Salazar was able to convince Alfred, a rather salty sailor, to take them up river to Thundertree. She promised him a dragon’s tooth as part payment for the passage, if she was able to rid Thundertree of a green dragon called Venomfang.


After battling twig blights, the intrepid band found Reidoth the druid, whom told them about the masked people he had seen at the east end of Thundertree. Also he marked on their map, as to the possible location of Cragmaw Castle. Quarion was chuffed with his bartering of Reidoth’s staff – especially when he discovered that the properties of the wooden staff were in fact that it was a staff made of wood.

After fighting their way through ash zombies and giant spiders, the group located the gold pendant hierloom that Mirna Dendrar had tipped them off about in the Herbalist’s shop.

In a novel change of tactics, instead of bludgeoning, burning and slicing all of the Dragon Cultists to death –
Narcoleptics Incorporated made a temporary alliance with Favric – the leader of cultists. The alliance pretty much lasted the 120 feet to the town square. After convincing the cultists to rest, the adventurers slyly laced ration packs with foxglove and then heroically slew their incapacitated allies. Adding to their temporary descent into thuggery, they kicked over the statue in the centre of the square.

The group then headed up to the aptly named Dragon’s Tower, where they engaged in a terrible battle with Venomfang. Salazar sensing her destiny was at hand, leapt forward with a victorious battle cry and struck the killing blow. As her prize, she pulled out six of the dragon’s teeth.

Upon returning the town square, Salazar saw through the piles of bloodied, bled-out corpses and struck her victory pose that one day would be captured as the new statue in the town square. Underneath would be the following inscription: Salazar the Slayer.

The team cleared out the rest of Thundertree, including some acrobatics with zombies that the Neverwinter Circus Troupe would have been proud of and headed on back to Neverwinter.

Being rather bored of their dairy-centric rations, Narcoleptics Incorporated branched out into spear fishing and managed to secure themselves 6lbs of fish – which was the highlight of the trek back. The low light being Quarion’s friendly fire into Salazar during a stirge attack.


Once back in Neverwinter, Salazar found Alfred in The Tipsy Sailor near the docks and gave him the dragon tooth she had promised.

Eyeing the accommodations of The Tipsy Sailor with some disgust, Kosef requested an audience with King Neverember. After having the ‘honour’ of being made to wait all day, his audience was granted! King Neverember thanked Lord Kosef for all his efforts to maintain peace, law and order throughout the Sword Coast. As a boon, the King granted Kosef his request for a squire – a young man called Earnest Goodfellow. Kosef was mightily relieved to have someone to carry out his more tedious duties – like dressing.

Deciding that riding in a wagon really was not in keeping for either a Lord or an elf – Quarion and Kosef both purchased horses. For Quarion, he named his fine white steed, Gandalf. Kosef named his fine black stallion, Horse.

Feeling like heroes striding through the world, Narcoleptics Incorporated headed back out on the road. We leave them camped for the night, where Daemarr has seen ghouls emerging out of the undergrowth and cast Light in order to aid his human companions. Unfortunately, the first object he touched was Gandalf, the mage’s horse…

Outstanding quests:

– A grumpy old miner named Lanar wants to be left alone in the stables but also mentioned that orc raiders had been seen at the east end of the Triboar Trail

– Daran Edermath, is not only puzzled about missing a few apples from his orchard, but also about reports of undead up the ruins known as Old Owl Well

– Sister Garaele wants the party to give Agatha, the banshee up at Conyberry, a silver comb in exchange for information about a spell book

– Droop informed the adventurers that Cragmaw Castle is up north near the big load of trees. Luckily Reidoth the druid has marked a more accurate location on the map.

– A drow called Black Spider is searching for the long lost Wave Echo Cave to find the Forge of Spells

– Sildar Hallwinter informed the adventurers that the three Rockeseeker brothers recently located an entrance to Wave Echo Cave and Gundren had a map. Klarg, the leader of the goblin band had orders from the Black Spider to waylay Gundren and bring the dwarf to him. Sildar believes it’s most likely Gundren has been taken to the goblin chief at Cragmaw Castle

– And, Elmar Barthen is wondering whether that higfalutin Lord Kosef is ever going to return the wagon and two oxen he borrowed…

Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 2
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Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 2
Write up of our second The Lost Mine of Phandelver session. Contains: Spoilers ! We had left the intrepid adventurers in a cave with a waterfall and twin pools. Now a little more experienced, they ventured further into the adventure - not without mishap.
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The New Dungeon Master
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