D&D Character tokens and table cards

This week the players have chosen their pre-generated characters and character names, so I spent the day creating the character tokens and table cards.

Character tokens

So I really wish I was talented enough to be able to draw. Since any attempt looks like something from a primary school art lesson, I found these great character images by searching on Pinterest (links below).

Small laminated pictures of characters
Lost Mine of Phandelver Player Tokens

I scaled them down to be 1.25″ diameter and adjusted the heights to account for the differences between the different races. A check on Reddit advised on the fonts in the D&D 5th Edition Players Handbook and then I googled for free alternatives (see below) – hopefully this means that the name labels look similar.

Then I printed out two copies on photographic paper, SprayMounted them together and laminated them. Unfortunately, they are a little loose in the stands but I was limited to thickness that the laminator would take. That said, I think they look cute.

Character table cards

I saw these character table cards on Reddit and they looked amazing. I thought that these would help our new group understand each other’s stats.

Folded pieces of paper with character images and names on it
Lost Mine of Phandelver table cards

Also, I thought it might help me easily see some of their stats without having to keep flicking through my DM folder. Whilst I think they look nice for the players to see a larger image of their character, I got the font size too small to read across the table ! D’oh !


Image links:

Dwarf Cleric
Halfling Rogue
High Elf Wizard
Human Fighter – Male
Human Fighter – Female

I haven’t been able to find the original artist pages for these images on Pinterest. If you know the artist, please let me know and I will link and give credit.


FF Scala Sans was replaced with Fira Sans
Modesto Bold Condensed was replaced with FTY-Skorzhen-NCV
Mrs Eaves Small Caps was replaced with KoPubBatang