Launching DM 101 guide

Finally, I found the time to launch my initial DM 101 guide!

When I first started DMing a few months back, I found that the more I read – the more questions I had! Since we were playing the official starter campaign with a group of new players, they had a ton of questions too.

How do I calculate AC? How do I know if a spell hits? How many spells can I learn? What’s a hit dice? My list just kept growing!

Launching my DM 101 guide

Even after four 8 hour sessions, I still find myself having to refer back to some of the mechanics in both the Player’s Handbook and to a lesser extent, the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Rather than keep hunting through my Evernote notebook or bookmarks, I decided to compile these together in a single page called DM 101.

3 polyhedral green dice displaying the numbers one zero one for my DM 101 guide

It certainly took longer to put together than I had expected! But I feel quite satisfied with the result. I intend for the page to evolve over time both as my own knowledge grows and also, as I see questions from new DMs and Players in my social feeds and on the subreddits I subscribe to.

It is my hope that others find it useful. If you have any questions that you think should be included, please just leave me a comment below or drop me an email at